Silicone Makeup
Welcome to the Greatest World of Special Makeup

In nowadays Silicone is one of the most popular material for the Makeup. That because we designed this Silicone Makeup Course to introduce you  a technic of a work with Silicone.

Silicone is Translucent and it is a great material to copy a human skin.  Because of it it is a great material to make a Character Makeup and Props.

This course will bring you into the World of Special Makeup.

You will go all the way with creating an “Organic” Character from Design up to final Makeup.

We bring you   in a real special makeup studio and show a various techniques.

This course  include following Lessons like actor’s Lifecast,  sculpting, mould making, and other.

This Silicone Makeup Course is for ANYONE who wishes to pursue an artistic life. Don’t miss it.

We design this Course mostly through demonstration.  But the students will have the opportunity to get acquainted with all technologies and materials, and work with prosthetic make-up.

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28 May 2023

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We tailor the course to our students.
In this section you will find a list of topics in this course.

includes themes
Try different materials and sculpting technics. Water and oil Clay, Sculpting tools
Mold making
Mold making with different material. Importance of choose correct material for the molding.
Encapsulation technic
Learn what is encapsulation and how to proper apply encapsulation on your mold.
Work with the different Brands and types of silicones. Learn difference between different silicones
Different technics of a painting. Airbrush. Pax paint. Water and Alcohol paints
Makeup application
Different technics and materials for makeup application. Final work
Features of work with Silicone. Sculpting work.

Sculpting work. Texturing.

Mold making.

Mold cleaning. Discussion features of the project.

Molds Preparing for subsequent casting. silicone pre-coloring.

Encapsulation and casting.

Free day.

Concept design work. Sculpting.

Silicone appliance pre-coloring

Discussion of the makeup work. Final Makeup

Graduation and a final discussion.

[Our Team]
You will be taught by the best

Professionals from the Movie makeup and Special Effects Industry

Vlad Taupesh

[FX Designer]

Jozef Rarach

[FX Makeup Artist]
[9 days]

Silicone Makeup Course

  • All materials included
  • Big and light space
  • Small groupes
  • Big collection of a sculpting tools
  • Brush and airbrush technic
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What included?

All our Courses are provided in a small groupes. Our students have more attention from the Instructors

  • All materials and tools are included.
  • You will learn lot of new technics and materials.
  • Friendly atmosphere and free coffee

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We will inform you about new date of a course.

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