Vlad Taupesh

Prosthetics, Special Effects, and Design
FX Creator
40 Years

Personal Information

Vlad Taupesh, a distinguished professional with over 30 years of unrivaled experience. As the co-owner of FX Creator, a renowned laboratory specializing in prosthetics and special effects, Vlad has solidified his reputation as a maestro in the industry.

With a wealth of accomplishments and expertise, Vlad stands as a highly respected designer and expert special makeup artist. His extensive filmography includes notable works such as Solomon Kane, Zukipper’s Wife, Pleidurism, Conspiracy of the Devil, Buried Rats, Ghosts (Netflix), Daria, Puppenspieler, Götz von Berlichingen, and many more. Vlad’s distinct artistic style, often described as “sfx demonology” or occult FX, has captivated audiences worldwide, earning him imitation and widespread admiration.

While Vlad pays homage to the heritage and forgotten technologies of cinema, he remains at the forefront of innovation, constantly integrating cutting-edge techniques and materials into his makeup processes. As the founder and co-owner of the FX Makeup School, he has created a platform to share his knowledge and nurture aspiring artists, empowering them to push boundaries and explore new creative frontiers.

Beyond his impressive career in film and makeup, Vlad possesses exceptional public speaking skills and travels the world to conduct master classes and showcase his talents at major beauty trade shows. Renowned cosmetic brands eagerly seek his expertise as a consultant and brand ambassador, further solidifying his influence within the specialty and prosthetic makeup industry. Vlad’s significant presence on social media has cemented his status as a key influencer, inspiring and captivating audiences across the globe.

His commitment to sharing his vast knowledge of special makeup and creature design in a relatable manner sets him apart. Vlad’s ultimate goal is to empower others to pursue their dreams, offering guidance and support along their creative journeys. When not traveling for work, Vlad divides his time between the creative hubs of Los Angeles and Prague, drawing inspiration from both.

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