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Creature Design PRO
Welcome to the Greatest World of Special Makeup

The creation of monsters in modern cinema serves as a thrilling and imaginative way to captivate audiences, unleashing their deepest fears and desires through visually striking creatures. Through a combination of innovative visual effects, practical makeup, and CGI enhancements, filmmakers bring these monsters to life, allowing viewers to experience a unique blend of terror, awe, and fascination on the big screen.

We have crafted this  Course to equip our students with  knowledge and  techniques in Prosthetic Make-up and Creature Design. 

Through this course, you will be immersed in the captivating realm of Special Makeup, exploring the secrets behind the  organic and lifelike designs.

Have you ever wondered why certain designs possess such an authentic and lifelike quality? Our course will unveil the mysteries behind these captivating creations as you learn the art of designing your very own characters. Gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of proportions and vectors in design, enabling you to create harmonious and visually striking characters. Work with an array of materials and colors to bring your imaginative visions to life.

From transfer make-up techniques to full-face prosthetic appliances, you will experience the diverse possibilities of Prosthetic Makeup. Our specialized training will introduce you to a wide range of techniques and materials, including silicones, latexes, foam latex, PVA, and more.

Embark on a journey that takes you from the initial design concept to the final makeup application, breathing life into your character. Dive into lessons such as actor’s Lifecast, sculpting, mold making, and other essential components of this transformative art form.

This Makeup Design Course welcomes anyone who aspires to lead an artistic life, regardless of their background or prior experience. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to be trained in an authentic special makeup studio, where you will not only witness captivating demonstrations but also gain hands-on experience with various technologies and materials, working directly with prosthetic makeup.

Should you have any further questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to provide you with the information you seek and guide you on your artistic journey.

24 days program

We tailor the course to our students.
In this section you will find a list of topics in this course.

includes themes
Creature makeup Design
Learn how to generate and work with the idea and mood board. How to make cleaver and natural design
Try different materials and sculpting technics. Water and oil Clay, Sculpting tools
Wounds effects
Learn how to create a wound from different materials. Silicones and Prosthetic Gelatine.
Mold making
Mold making with different material. Importance of choose correct material for the molding.
Foam latex
Learn how to work with Foam latex. Different recipes and technics.
Work with the different Brands and types of silicones. Learn difference between different silicones
Hair work
Work with the natural and synthetic hair. Different technic of a hair work. Hair knowing and injection
Different technics of a painting. Airbrush. Pax paint. Water and Alcohol paints
Makeup application
Different technics and materials for makeup application. Final work
Portfolio. Materials for the work. Conversation with practicing make-up artists.

Lifecast. Preparing and work with actors face cast.

Positive mold preparing. Oil clay and sculpting tools.

Transfer makeup sculpting.

Transfer making. Materials for transfer making.

Transfers casting. Transfer applying and coloring demonstration.

Free day.

Concept design work. Sculpting.

Sculpting work.

Bald cap. Demonstration.

Bold cap preparing.

Prosthetic makeup materials: Silicones, latexes and gelatin.

Makeup adhesives.

Mold making.

Free day.

Flock and hair injection.

Pigments and colors. Coloring techniques.

Foam latex technology.

Free day.

Prosthetic appliance preparing and coloring.

Final work.

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You will be taught by the best

Professionals from the Movie makeup and Special Effects Industry

Vlad Taupesh

[Prosthetics, Special Effects, and Design]

Jozef Rarach

[Prosthetics and Special Effects Artist]
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What included?

All our Courses are provided in a small groupes. Our students have more attention from the Instructors

  • All materials and tools are included.
  • You will learn lot of new technics and materials.
  • Friendly atmosphere and free coffee
12 April-5 May
  • All materials included
  • Big and light space
  • Small groupes
  • Big collection of a sculpting tools
  • Brush and airbrush technic
7-31 December
  • All materials included
  • Big and light space
  • Small groupes
  • Big collection of a sculpting tools
  • Brush and airbrush technic
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