Eldar Shibanov

1994-2006  High School №511998-2003 School of fine arts named after A.Kasteyev. Almaty. (graduated with honors)2006-2010 Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Construction, speciality «Architecture of living and social buildings», Almaty. (graduated with honors)Since 2006 he works as production designer, special effects and FX Makeup artistSince 2010 member of «ARTDEPARTMENT.KZ» studioSince 2012 CEO of movie artists studio«ARTDEPARTMENT.KZ» (Kazakhstan)2013 Professional 3D Makeup work shop. Prosthetic make-up for film and television. (2 week classes) By Denis Raykov. (Studio “FX Creator”), Almaty2016 Hollywood Makeup LAB. LA. USA FILMOGRAPHYFX & FX Makeup«The whole world at our feet» (2016) Kazakhstan«Хранитель ада» (2017) Kazakhstan (post production)Director«The Last Real People» (2015) Russia-Kazakhstan«Eles» (2015) short, Kazakhstan«Dolls story» (2014) short, KazakhstanProduction designer«25 km» (2013) TV series, Kazakhstan«Super Bakha» (2011) Kazakhstan «Trubadur» (2010) short, KazakhstanAssistant production designer «Harmony Lessons» (2013) Kazakhstan«Serdtse moyo - Astana» (2012) Kazakhstan«Zheruiyk» (2010) Kazakhstan