Vlad Taupesh

Vlad Taupesh professorial special makeup  artist based in Prague. To Him belongs studio FX Creator & Prague FX Makeup School.

VLAD TAUPESH: Special Makeup Artist, Makeup FX Creator, Costume designer and director has been working professionally for over 30 years in the movie and television industry. Vlad Taupesh and his company have become one of the most popular and sought after in Prague Based Makeup FX Artists because of the skill level of his work and reputation. He's been featured on the TV shows from different countries (as the creator of King of the Zombies) 'web sites, article in Artek and "Issue magazines". Vlad was born in Romania, then lived for many years in Moscow . Taupesh began making monsters masks and makeup at the age of 13. At the age of 34 Vlad moved to Prague. His first tow professional jobs were with Roger Corman on “Burial Of The Rats” Paul Jones on “Solomon Kane” and Aleksey German on “Hard to be a God”, working alongside Anthony Waller on "Mute Witness". Today, Vlad Taupesh the chief artist special make-up in the Czech Republic.

GSM: + (420) 606066616

Mail: studio@fxcreator.net